Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Lydia!

 Happy Birthday, Lyds!

Before another month flies by, I'm finally getting up pictures of our sweet #5's first birthday on April 16! 

 Lydia's cake! 

The family cake, Lydia's smaller cake, and an extra little cake enjoyed the next day :-) 

 A couple presents at breakfast... Sophia's favorite, although Lydia enjoyed it, too!

A picture with Aunt Emma before she had to leave

Singing to Lydia 

It was special to have BOTH sets of grandparents and some aunts present for the special day! 

Giving little sis a hand with the candle...
(Birthdays are about the most EXCITING thing in the world for Sophia!) 

The boys have long anticipated how happy Lydia was going to be diving into her cake. She did not disappoint!!  

She demolished that thing!! 

She started to slow down at this point... :) 

Aftermath: Daddy literally hosing off her dress 

Brother Michael giving Lydia a hand with the bow on Dress #2 (made possible thanks to the awesome resale shops and events around here, woo-hoo)

More gifts! 

Some downtime with Pops
(uh...ignore the strangeness in the background! Entirely normal and Michael loves it!)

A group picture during the visit from Washington grandparents!