Saturday, September 17, 2016

Jake is a Published Author!!

Ever since I met Jake he has dreamed of writing books. When his two year contract at Calvert School in Cochabamba ended (June 2014), he began! He rigged up a sheet at one end of the living room to give a bit of separation from his desk and the 1200 square foot apartment with 4 children living in it. Then he went to work! Many evenings and free moments since, he has happily typed away, sharing the first story aching to be told.

After more than two years of writing and research including interviews, searching newspaper archives, cabin visits, and work with an editor...

"Winter's Comin': A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled" is published!

Proof-reading the final copy in read-aloud sessions with the kids

Today is Jim Beaty's birthday (my father-in-law), the one the story is about. Why don't you make his day special and give yourself a few days of an inspirational read by obtaining a copy or two? (Christmas is also comin'! I think it would make a great gift for the man who already has everything.)

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To order on Amazon (Prime, anyone?!), click here!