Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby Update :)

Today I'm at 8 months!! It's hard to believe! 

Two weeks ago today we had a wonderful sonogram! The baby moves like crazy and feels like all limbs. When we learned the weight it was more understandable - already 5 pounds at 7 1/2 months and measuring an average of a couple weeks ahead! We are SO grateful for the constant positive reports on the baby and pregnancy. I am very conscious that this is not always the case. God has truly blessed us!!

We didn't realize that such a good shot of our baby would be part of the sonogram, but surprise, here's the first picture!

This is seriously our last routine sonogram! I never thought I'd agree to so many (1 quick right at the beginning and then 3 more) but they are SO GREAT! The doctor orders them and we say, "Cool, let's take another peek!!" And we've spent around $120 versus what I've heard would cost 1000s of dollars in the US.

Last week we finally had the chance to go pick up a crib that Jake was offered months ago by Calvert's music teacher. The crib is originally from Switzerland but somehow made it's way here and has been passed from family to family. By this point, the crib has great character. It's perfect!

 The baby's bed in a corner of our bedroom

My Mom arrives a week from today to help us continue setting up the apartment for both the baby and the boys. She's been busy sewing sheets ever since I sent her the crib dimensions. Can't wait to have her here and do some major shopping and rearranging!!

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  1. yay! love the baby's first picture and I'm so glad your mom will be there soon to help you get settled!


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