Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brotherly Love

All my efforts at blogging since my family left have led nowhere!! I think it has something to do with schooling the boys in the morning while Jake is back at work, and a baby who often decides that staying up all afternoon and evening is cool!

So until I can get my act together and put up some real posts, I'm throwing up some of the MANY cute pictures of the past couple of weeks.

All last year I wondered if the boys would be resentful of the baby (and more so once I met her!), but those fears were entirely unfounded. I think that's one benefit of them having the Casa de Amor background that they do. Not only are they used to sharing the tia's attention with other kids, they love babies and were always excited when I had a baby from the Baby Home with me. More and more, Sophia responds to them and they can often keep her happy an extra 5 or 10 minutes until I can get to her. She's one blessed baby to have so much attention!

If we think this is fun, can't imagine when she's sitting...walking...talking!!

Sophia with big brother Michael (he kept saying she looked like an angel in this white outfit, actually our first baby gift, given by Jake's students)

"Smile, Baby Boo Boo! Mommy, she's smiling! Take the picture!!"

 Sophia, Michael, Samuel

A common scene at diaper changing time 

The boys took charge of my camera last week and I had a whole set of cute, eye-level pictures of them with the baby.

Coming Soon: Time with the Thompsons, and Sophia at 3 months!!

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