Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Pictures, May 26, 2014

Tomorrow marks 7 months with the boys, woo-hoo!!
On May 26 (two days after my birthday and the day before Bolivian Mother's Day), while my Mom and sister Heather were still visiting, we took a trip to the park. We were with Elena Alvarez, our favorite family photographer, for our first family photo session! Jake's dad requested some professional family pictures, and I'd been wanting an excuse anyway!
I knew that taking an hour of pictures in the afternoon would probably take most of my day....
The aqua blue (and pink for the girls) version...
 ...Well, didn't it!! To make sure everyone was bathed, get the boys hair cut, and choose somewhat coordinated clothes for SIX PEOPLE made for quite a busy day! 
It doesn't seem very long ago that it was just Jake and I saying, "Whatcha wearing? Light blue? Okay, copy." It was fun having Mom here to help, and to choose from all the cute clothes she brought!

And the red, white & blue version!


I think this one is my favorite!

This picture, made less than 8 months prior... 

...was the inspiration for this one:

Our cuatro amores!

Our handsome boys with their favorite little person in the world...



Each son...

Our daughter...

Sophia Katherine

Baby needs a ride...?
And a couple of special arrangements...
 The guys

The gals (Jennifer with daughter Sophia, mother Glenda, and sister Heather)
Thanks so much, Elena, for squeezing us in the day before your trip!!


  1. Great pictures! Love seeing you guys doino so well!

  2. Love that Sofia is hailing a trufi, didn't even think of that ;)

    1. Did I know that your middle name is Catherine?! So cool that Sophia's middle name is a version of the names of both gringas at her birth - Katrina and Catherine!


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