Thursday, December 25, 2014

Here we are...

Continuing the (unintentional) tradition of a goofy family picture on Christmas, using a tripod in front of our tree....


Michael is...Napoleon?
Sophia, the belly dancer
Why are we...leaning??

Joel and I are both sure we fixed Sophia's shirt right beforehand. How it got like this again is beyond me!! Every one is this way. She's wearing a necklace one of the boys got me. She didn't want to take it off. :) 

Beaty Family 2013, Gotcha Day (December 24)

In every one, the boys are goofing off. 
Our tree-topping angel was a wedding gift from Camilla from Denmark.

Just goes to show how hard Elena works to get decent family pictures for us!!

Tomorrow I'll try to post pictures of the gift opening for relatives. The boys were very good today, playing well and no signs of ungratefulness or entitlement. Yeah!!

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  1. The striped PJs make it look like Dr. Seuss land. Maybe that's why you are all leaning slightly?!


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