Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sibling Fun!

I don't know WHAT I would do with Sophia without her big brothers!! They have saved me many a day when I'm at my wit's end to entertain her, or she is cranky because of refusing to sleep or eat well (common), or when she's doing something she ought not to and I didn't realize...but a brother caught her! (Recent escapades include getting into the refrigerator and eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag.)

Enjoying a recent hot summer day with their favorite thing - WATER!!

There are always cute pictures of things they do together, although now as she's so active and talkative, a video would do better justice to their games! (They have recently taught her the word "lego", and since two days ago she can say "Michael" and reportedly also "Joel", although I haven't heard her do it yet. The brothers are her biggest fans and what they claim she can say or do has to be proven, ha.)

These are pictures from the last two months or so...

Samuel and Michael push Sophia around endlessly in different items...

...and Sophia LOVES it!

The neighbor boy's bike

Another loan from the neighbor boys now that they've traveled

Throughout the day Sophia asks for "vroom vroom" as she swings her arm to show movement, and unless it's raining or dark, a brother takes her out to give her a ride

Wearing the brothers' headphones for the piano

Also playing one of the boy's electronic games from Christmas

Attending Boy Scouts in our living room!

Everyone had lots of fun while the new tent was set up in the living room!
(the extra two are neighbor boys)

She stays busy for a long time loading and unloading a nerf gun!

She pretty much thinks that anything the boys eat for a snack MUST be good, and has discovered that suckers are worth stealing from the brothers and not giving back!

I'm afraid she gets too much with each of the three giving her "just a taste", ha!

Samuel gave put these glasses on her one day, from a doll, and she decided she liked them!

Jake said she was moving so much it was hard to get a good picture.

 That would be carrots on her face...

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