Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy SIX Months, Lydia!!

As I play catch-up, these pictures are from October 16!

It was hard to believe that our {huge} little baby is already SIX months old! That also meant that her sister was also TWO years old! (Pictures to come! Every time I do these posts for Lydia, there are sooo many cute ones I pass by of Sophia - believe me, the only time in life that Sophia is "passed by", ha! - and I say that I need to do monthly posts on her.)

In her elephant onesie...

She weighed a little bit more than 19 1/2 pounds on this day... She's in the 97% in almost all areas.

Big sis wanted to be part of the fun, as usual

She still loves her toes!!

And Dada stopped by to "help", ha! (He did actually get her to smile in lots of the pictures below.)

This is what always happens to the number sticker now!! EVERYTHING goes to the mouth.

Such a sweetie!


She pushes up so high

Smiling at Daddy


She's so sociable now


Love the rolls! She props on the bed fine now.

Both Sophia and Lydia were in XL diapers when we left Bolivia, and both still use size 5 here. Makes it easier, to just stock up on one big size!

The pictures below are of Lydia's 6th month, taken between September 17 and October 16. I was surprised by how many pictures there are since I lost the first 2 1/2 weeks of pictures in that period (first weeks in the states) off my new cell phone - always in closer reach than a camera.

Snuggling with Pops a couple days after moving from Bolivia to Tennessee

Now if that face doesn't say "gimme some"...

Happy Baby!!

Looking classy with Daddy after church!

Getting some lovin' from GREAT Grandmother!! 
(Trying on a new hair bow from Aunt Heather)

October 11, during Sophia's first 2nd birthday party :)

Pretty girls in pink ruffles, Sophia's 2nd birthday, October 13

Sophia has pretty much given up asking to "hold Lydia?" She gets squished!!

Getting so big! First time in the grocery cart! I didn't know what to do our first month here, as in Bolivia there are infant seats with straps attached to the carts. It's great that she can use them now - if sister Sophia isn't already!

We LOVE our sweet baby!! She still eats every 4 hours, and occasionally 7 times/day, and I look forward to eventually sleeping through the night soon...??...but I can't complain much as she always goes right back to sleep after waking to eat at night. During the day, I occasionally forget where I've put her, as she so rarely cries or fusses. If she does, she simply wants to eat or sleep, and then she's her happy little self again!

It's fun to watch Lydia grow and get more mobile. She becomes tangled in cords or is chewing on a shoe in the blink of an eye as she moves around the room now. As she plays more and more with toys, even Sophia is coming around and starting to enjoy her more, interacting with her in various ways...including some not so appropriate: "Look mama, Lydia horsey!" as she sits on top of Lydia's back! We have to keep an eye on both of them, that's for sure.

God knew just what kind of baby we needed to join this big crazy family! We love our Lydia Ruth.

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