Monday, February 29, 2016

Washington Cabin WINTER Trip!

I decided to post the best pictures of our cabin trip on our neglected blog rather than FB, to better preserve the memories!! :)

Getting a bit of guidance from big brother (Sophia always turns heads in airports pulling her own luggage!)

I'm not going to spend hours getting them in perfect order. I figure they'll be enjoyable to those who care, anyway!

Packing S & L's clothes and accessories in plastic bags before the trip made dressing them DURING the trip lots easier!!

There were some long hauls on the road, but nothing our South-American-road-tripping crew couldn't handle!!

Crossing a snowy pass up in the mountains between Bellingham (the cousins) and Chelan (the cabin)!

Jake told us to jump out for this picture on our way to the cabin! Everyone got a taste of SNOW!

 Lydia got very good at napping in her car seat...

Jake preparing the troops to snowshoe in with our luggage and food for a few days (since the driveway hasn't been kept clear since winter began, it wasn't possible to drive all the way)

Lydia was woken from a nap upon arrival to the property and had an uncharacteristic "freak out" after being outside a few minutes. Here, she's chilling the car with the heat turned back on! This baby has my Texas blood, yessiree.

First time!! My Russia coat came in handy on the trip

Arrival to the cabin, before the fire was lit!

Melting snow for cleaning water! Jake eventually got the water pumping in spite of deep snow


Two babies in a tub, rubadub

Lydia, waiting patiently to be snowshoed out on our first leg to church Sunday morning

Sledding time!!

The boys played outside for hours on end

The weather was gorgeous during our stay - 40s during the daytime and sunny!

Lots of fun!!

Lydia checking out the snow (the cabin is way up behind the tallest trees)

 Some of our kids in dad's childhood room

Drying wet snow clothes by the fire...

Sunday Lunch!
I focused on making meals that were hot, tasty, and simple, since it's a full time job keeping up with the babies when they're awake.

View out master bedroom window

The best video I made of the boys sledding over what appears to be a sheer drop-off was too big to upload. This is a good one, too.

Sophia and Lydia, ready for a ride on the sled Grandpa B made for them!!

They loved it!! Lydia giggled the first few minutes and Sophia settled in like a queen on her pallet :)

Sophia finally decided she was capable of walking on snow right after this picture was made, using the flat, footprint-free area behind them

Brother pulling babies back at sunset...

The boys always insisted on pushing Sophia back up hills!

Leaving the cabin with daddy

The drive down to Chelan from the cabin

The kids! February 23, 2016

The kids (and Grandma B)! September 19, 2014


  1. Hello! I have read your (or Casa de Amor's) blog for YEARS. I would it when I was in Bolovia and looking for volunteer opportunities. I love seeing how your family has grown and that yall are doing so wonderful! The picture of Lydia in the car caught my attention because she is forward facing in her seat. It is actually against WA State law for a child under 2 to ride forward facing unless they have outgrown their seat. It is SO much safer for little ones to be retrained rear facing for as long as possible. It looks like there may be a few other things that could better insure her safety as well, I am no expert and they are your childenm but please look at:
    and decide what works best for your family!

  2. Hi Carrie, Haha - we didn't even have seat belts in some of our vehicles in Bolivia, so to us it's a step up to even have car seats. :) Our understanding was that over 20 pounds could face forward, or at least it's that way in TN. We'll look at the guide, thanks.

  3. Honestly, I laughed a little while I was typing that message, I remember rarely seeing kids in seat belts in Bolivia! Everyone is just doing the best we can!


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