Sunday, July 17, 2016


My midwife's assistant (and amazing doula and midwife-to-be) was looking for takers for six kittens, already used to playing with her (six) children! I'd been told to request two the next time some came available, so I did... And it was a BIG surprise for the kids!! Best day of Samuel's life! It was really, really tough for him to leave Stanley behind in Bolivia (picked up at a birthday at Casa de Amor, 2 months before Lydia was born!).

 Kitties June and Julian!

They were born on June 12, Samuel's 12th birthday. That would be an obvious reason to name one June, but it was mainly in my head since reading this book (from one of the boys for my birthday), which I REALLY enjoyed, and seeing that the author's daughter is named June (born in September, ha).
June was the only female of the litter.

Just meeting the kitties! It was fun to choose.

We met them on July 16, Joel's birthday! Julian comes from the Julian calendar, sounds like July, and it's kind of cool that both of their names start with J. "JJ", like Joel's first two initials...

Happy boys, happy birthday!

(The stuffed animal in the picture is being swung around by Lydia, who needed something to squish other than an unsuspecting kitten!)

We were supposed to go and choose, picking up the kittens next week when they're 6 weeks old, but well... We were told we could go ahead and take them, how could we say no?!

Sophia is still deciding if she's bigger than them or just plain afraid. :) Instead of getting cute pictures of Sophia with a kitty, I caught her pitching it down because of feeling the sharp nails, oops. We're still learning!!

This was right before Lydia's chubby hand was swatted at by a tiny paw, as Julian feared for his food! Lydia wasn't hurt at all, only offended! Everyone around here shares their food with her, and she couldn't believe she couldn't have a taste, too. :)

 Having a tussle

 The girls love them!

Love this picture of Chubs peering into kitty's face

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