Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sophia's New Room!

Actually, this is Sophia's FIRST room! It was high time this baby had her own space. She FILLS UP a whole bedroom with no problem. I think the number one reason I was excited about the move was to get to decorate a nursery for the first time! Well, okay, I've chosen paint colors for a couple of Casa de Amor Baby Homes, but that was a long time ago.

Also, she's a light sleeper and very aware of where Jake and I are, so it was near impossible to go into our room without waking her up, much less talk at all. Now she's sleeping much better!

Welcome to Sophia's room!

She loves playing here! It's warmed by the sun almost all day, very nice in a house without heat.
We haven't hung proper curtains yet. What she has up is just for some light blockage. 

Looking at her books at her new little table

"Got more?"

 Sophia's toys and books keep the boys just as entertained as her!

This shelf used to hold almost all of her things. Now there's room for a whole shelf of books! I used to think she loved reading. Now I think she likes ripping books apart! ;)

Her clothes are organized by size...

Too small clothes and too big clothes hang here, with shoes above

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the light cover thing (whatever it's called)!

Katrina... Have you spotted it yet?? 

I designed the room around the flags you sent me for a birthday a few years ago! :)
Green rug as "grass", with flowers on the walls...

And there she is! I bought the painting above her crib when I was a little girl and slept under it for many years.

It's not done quite yet! I've printed a "few" of our favorite pictures to hang on her walls. 


Sophia loves playing in her room, but playing with anything that is NOT a toy is still her favorite!

And to finish, a picture that doesn't fit the theme except for being SOPHIA!

SUPER BABY! The boys fixed her up in this cape one day.

I don't know when I'll have a chance to post again, as our first flight for our big trip to the US leaves in just 5 1/2 hours!!


  1. oh! I saw the bunting/flags n the first picture and thought that was such a nice place for them to be in wee Sophia's room! :D

  2. Jen always loves your gifts Katrina! You are so kind to encourage & send gifts even from far away.


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