Monday, August 18, 2014

We've Moved! (Part II)

Here's a little tour of the upstairs of our new (rent) house!
In this house, we decided to let the boys doing something they had been requesting ever since they found out we might move. Joel and Michael have their own room, and Samuel has the chance for some peace and quiet and keeping things organized the way he likes them in his own room.
With 5 bedrooms, that is possible! We just might get spoiled here.
Joel showing off their newly organized room!

Plenty of storage space in the biggest bedroom of the house!

Jake and I are a little jealous of all their storage space! Our clothes overflow to other rooms, but I wanted us to have the bigger bathroom since I spend a WAY more time in it than even all 3 boys combined.

The boys bathroom is inside J & M's room

Favorite pictures to be framed for the walls when we're back in October...

Samuel's room! He and Sophia get views of Mt. Tunari, Cochabamba's highest peak.

Samuel showing off his nice closet.

Mine and Jake's room (still need to put up real curtains, as in every room)
The view from our little balcony off our bedroom!
Our bathroom
After 8 years in a bathroom with no cabinets or drawers or counter tops, to our apartment with an actual counter top, this bathroom has a closet, multiple drawers and cabinets, AND all of these lovely shelves! It's pretty great! And already almost full. Because of Sophia's stuff, I'm pretty sure, ah-hem...

And, one of our fav spots of the whole house!!

The upstairs balcony!
One evening, Joel fixed up some candles for us. He's been determined since we moved in that we should have a candlelight dinner (there is no lighting from our house), so he made it happen as soon as we discovered some matches.
Some mid-meal star-gazing :)

The balcony is a great spot for meals on pleasant evenings, AND school work! I thought we would work in the kitchen or dining room table as before, but we love being outside. That way, it's also quieter for Jake as he works, and I can tend to Sophia in her room.

(Not clear in the picture: tall mountains in the distance!)

Just had to include this picture of one of Michael's creations from leftover moving boxes, a huge boat. The boys are so creative!!

Next post: Sophia's room!

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