Monday, April 6, 2015

A quiet Easter...

Sophia didn't have quite as much fun on the neighbor's trampoline as another day with her brothers...

We had a different sort of Easter this year! The first Sunday in April is Pedestrian Day in Bolivia, one of four annually. Even though I thought it would be canceled since we had a no-transportation day the last Sunday AND since it was was not. There would be no church picture with the whole family like last year. :(

And then the boys went to a three day/two night camp with their former church over the holiday weekend, so even when we did go to "church" at the neighbor's house, we could only get a picture with the three of us. (They had a LOT of fun and made great memories!)

Sophia was tired and couldn't stop rubbing her eyes

Jake and I had such a relaxing weekend, working on some projects and having fun with Sophia. I liked baking and cooking special dishes, chatting with Katrina our midwife (she spent the night Saturday since it would have been impossible to get to us on Sunday without a longgg walk), and taking a deep breath before welcoming new life to our family!

It felt like Sophia's first Easter because it was so much more fun with her this year! I would have thought she was too young to do an egg hunt, but the neighbors had prepared one for their three youngest guests, and she totally got it! Hunting for something with CANDY or CHOCOLATE inside - are you kidding?! She figured it out in an instant.

I took this first set of pictures when she started finding and opening eggs even before it was actually time.

Heading for a blue egg

 She had to figure out how to get the eggs open...

 Mommy, open it for me!

Thanks to her brothers, she knows all about candy!!

Finding an egg with da-da

And another one!

  In our neighbor's beautiful yard

She would have played with the eggs for hours if we hadn't had to leave them with our friends! We've asked Grandma B, arriving in just a few days, to bring us some. :)

A few more pictures, for the relatives!

We have a bonafide walker, finally!!

This would be Sophia's new "serious face". It's hilarious! She does it then laughs.

 Ready to get off the trampoline

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

"Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is RISEN..." 
Luke 24:5-6a update. This is the family picture we got a week after Easter:

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