Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the Beaty Family!

Jake has been leading us in reading about Jesus' final days on earth, death, and resurrection. I wanted to make Easter Day special with meals since my crew always loves to eat!
It's not obvious here, but I'm using my new huge bowl from the market (1 foot inner diameter) to mix up the 12 cups of flour for my cinnamon roll dough 

Last night till late I churned out 32 cinnamon rolls with more dough to spare! Guess I misread the recipe, which I thought said it was for just eight rolls. EIGHT rolls would be inhaled by my family, so I upped it by a third... And somehow will have nearly FIFTY rolls in the end. Huh? Jake will be taking some to school this week...

 Samuel was first to the table this morning.

 I could breakfast like this every day....

At church, we first had a friend snap some family pictures for us.

 Jake and sons

Is it bad that I can't wait until their hair grows back out again?!

 Jake and daughter (LOVE this picture of them!!)

Jennifer and Sophia (who is wearing a smocked dress that Jennifer wore as a baby) 

Sophia was in a grand mood for most of the day (NOT)....
During the afternoon, the boys finished writing about our recent trip to Torotoro National Park. I supervised that while Sophia slept (briefly), Jake slept (a little longer), talking to my mom, and beginning tonight's big dinner. Oh and the boys peeled the potatoes for me! And Jake helped with the baby most of the time I was cooking, while she was very fussy. AND peeled 10 cups of carrots. It was a group effort!

Honey Yeast Rolls, Cayenne Carrots, Roasted Chicken, and Pioneer Woman Perfect Au Gratin Potatoes (a new fave with our family!)

Over three hours in the kitchen was worth it - one of the rare meals where the boys didn't just scarf down their food and ask for more! There are even LEFTOVERS, wonder of wonders!!

Unfortunately, this afternoon we realized that Michael has a raging cold. No wonder I was hearing so much sneezing this morning! First real "sickness" in any of our kids - ever! I've started him on natural stuff and drinking plenty of water, but I don't have high hopes that it won't pass to his brothers since they are constantly together and share everything... I think Sophia already had a very mild cold after our trip this week, so hopefully that was it for her. I keep rubbing her down with a lovely essential oil blend of lemon and rosemary in coconut oil, which I've now made for Michael with the addition of "On Guard" blend, so we'll see...

Sophia trying out one of her new spoons (she LOVES playing with spoons!)

Coconut Pie for dessert.
Doesn't look so appetizing, but might help to explain that that's nutmeg on top, not black pepper.

I used all but a bit of THREE KILOS (6.6 pounds) of flour within 24 hours this weekend. That's what I call doin' some baking! :)

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  1. It does all look very appetizing!! And the family pictures are beautiful!


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