Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jake in Italy

Of course, one of the BEST parts of Italy was doing it with Jake, same as anything in life.

As an aside:watching a movie even close to being classified as a chick flick with him is a HILARIOUS experience! Gotta love him. :) 

So here were some special moments with Jake in Italy.

First, I'm so glad I grabbed for the camera to document Jake's first experience with Italian coffee.

Just two points:

It's tiny.

 It's strong!!

But it's alright.

...and then he proceeded to order "cafe americanos" all over Italy. :)

Jennifer resting the feet and Brandon's older sister, also from Bolivia

Jake and Brandon  (lived at Casa de Amor for almost 6 years)

We were in the lovely Piazza dei Signori, the perfect place for a break and some refreshment while exploring Padua (near Venice), an unexpected treasure during our travels.

And continuing the Jake fun in Italy...

It didn't take long for Jake to realize before the trip that our Juan Gabriel (adopted January 2012) lives in Modena, which just happens to be the home of Ferrari and Maserati luxury super cars. 

Turns out, our wonderful hosts Dario and Lucia (pictured above with the world's best pizza!!) had never been to the museums but insisted that they would love to take us - and we obliged! (By this time, six year old Juan Gabriel was with his grandparents in their home by the sea.)

First museum of the day, a newer one dedicated to the race cars

The second and original museum, actually pretty cool even for me!

The best part was feeling the joy oozing out of Jake and watching him soak in every little detail. The pictures of me, on the other hand, are a little different. I might as well be standing by the cars scratching my head like, "uh.....yeah.....huh?" :)

Jake confidently posing by Ferrari race cars

I'm glad we got to visit, even if it's something I never would have done alone! It was a great day.

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  1. I might actually get Eric to read this post!!! I should tell you one of my first dates with Eric was one I organized to a car museum in Indiana :)

    Love the blog!


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