Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Breakfast

Even though I love cooking in general, breakfast is still one of my favorites to make! I was on Pioneer Woman's website the other day looking for a recipe and came across one for Apple Fritters.

Now I have never fried ANYthing, always baking instead, but this last time in the states I realized that Jake will choose an apple fritter over any kind of donut. And apples are currently in season here, tasty and cheap.

Sooo, I sacrificed and made him a batch. :-)

The recipe was (too) easy! Find it here!

Gooey goodness!! Fried food is really something. How could something that tastes SO good and fresh be bad for you?!

Of course these were chock full of fresh apples so not entirely devoid of nutrition, but I tried to redeem it somewhat with scrambled eggs and big glasses of freshly squeezed (by the strong husband) orange juice. We love all the fresh, relatively cheap produce available everywhere here!

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  1. YUMMY! I'm with Jake on that breakfast choice! I love apple fritters!!! I'll have to check out the recipe. Normally I'm like you and never fry anything...but like you said....something so good!

    I'd give anything for fresh squeezed Bolivian orange juice right now! Or any of the prices on produce down there! Thank goodness we have a garden!


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