Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday Trip to "El Cristo"

After a couple of very rainy, cloudy days (yes, during dry season!), we didn't think we would follow through with our plans to go up to "El Cristo", a statue of Christ overlooking Cochabamba. But by the time Jake finished preaching at church yesterday, the sky started to clear, revealing a breath-taking snowfall on many of the mountains surrounding us!

The statue was actually open this time, so we climbed up the stairs within the Christ statue. Jake got this picture of mountains through one of the "peep holes".

Another view of the mountains from the base of El Cristo

  Majestic peaks over our city...

Jake and Taylor at the base of "El Cristo". 

Taylor lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and is visiting us for a week in Cochabamba. He's a sort of very distant cousin of Jake...

Wayyy down there is the big square rock that Jake found for us to sit on before he proposed to me last year. :)

On "the rock" again! What special memories!!

Proposal evening, 10 1/2 months ago

Wedding day, almost 9 months ago

My, how things can change in a year!!

That evening, I made a new recipe for the 3 of us (well, 3 1/2!)...

Mexican Chocolate Cake! I stumbled across mascarpone cheese last week and used it in the creamy icing, yum.

And a few more pictures of the beautiful views we've had, thanks to the rain and drop in temperature...

Last night's sunset, as seen from our living room

The view this morning, also from our living room

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  1. beautiful! and YOU look GREAT! looks like a lovely Sunday afternoon! Glad you guys got to return to your special place!


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