Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pool Fun

Thanks to lots of help from a Facebook query several weeks ago, I discovered that there was a small pool place a mere 2 blocks from our house!! We've only been able to go once so far, but that was a fun afternoon!

The boys enjoying the hot tub

Even the rain didn't dampen their enthusiasm!

Baby Sophia showed off her new bathing suit from Nana Thompson!

The cutest bathing beauty in town! :)

As it was too rainy and cold to let her actually touch water...

...this is what we did once home! 

A nice hot bath, ahhh....

...And plenty of attendants to provide entertainment! 

Letting Sophia "swim" [enjoy a nice long bath] has now become a favorite activity of the four! Just last night, Joel asked expectantly, "Does our baby need a bath?!"

Special bath hairdo for our little bather

The boys wanted to reproduce the "hydro massage" they experienced at the spa (first picture) even at home.

Look, Mommy, hydro massage for our Baby Boo Boo!!
Since those are straws, Jake and I strongly suggested that they avoid sucking. ;-)

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