Friday, February 21, 2014

Sharing a Meal

We have managed to have three different evenings of visitors the past few weeks. It's fun to invite someone else in to our new big family to enjoy a meal! Since I have to make large amounts of food now anyway, it's not that much harder to add a couple or few plates.

Last night we spent some time with return CDA volunteer Kaley and her friend/first-time volunteer Ben! We're so grateful to all of Kaley's help babysitting our crew every week or two so that Jake and I can have a date night. She and Ben leave in just a couple of weeks though.

I made my mom's Oven Baked Chicken, a salad full of vegetables and homemade dressing, quinoa flan (from a box mix - easy), and two new recipes: Honey Yeast Rolls and garlic herb butter. (Highly recommend both! Can't wait to make them again - double batch next time!)


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