Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thompson Family Visit!

Better late than never!!

Finally I'm posting the best pictures from my family's visit the second week of January. We were glad they were able to fly even with bad winter weather in the states! My parents and youngest sister Emma - now 15! - were able to come and meet their granddaughter and see the three boys as "ours" for the first time. (As for the other sisters: Heather will have vacation time later in the year, and it's hard for Sarah to travel. Also, her heart doesn't do well at the elevation.)

Meeting Sophia in the airport, yeah!!!

Family picture, Take 1 

Family picture, Take 2! 

Quality time with Grandma ("Nana")!

Showing off her new jeans

Sophia was quite pleased to take most of her naps this way!

Learning a new toy

Reading time!!

Happy times with Grandpa!

so sweet....

Absolutely love these next series of pictures!! All that's lacking is sound so that you can hear Sophia's delightful giggle.

Love how her face lights up!

My fav!
 Sophia also took her share of naps with Grandpa
And last but not least... Time with Aunt Emma!!

Couldn't get a good picture of this active group, but the point is, Tia Emma bought baseball caps for all the boys since they kept swiping hers!

We had some nice family meals at home (loved cooking in the kitchen with my dad!), but I also got a little break in meal prep for my crew. The boys did well at the restaurants and didn't get as bored as I imagined they would.
Emma at The Factory
The boys loved these mini hamburgers!
We're not sure when or where we'll see each other again, but were grateful for this opportunity in January!

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