Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just Like Daddy

A few weeks ago, Jake's parents were trying to convince him that what everyone says is true: Sophia looks just like him! As proof, they mentioned this picture:

If the 4 1/2 month caption is right, this picture would have been made in mid-October, near when Sophia was born a few years later :)

Thanks to my sister Heather's hard work, we have a copy in a special "childhood picture album" that she made for our Bolivia wedding!

The day before Sophia would be 4 1/2 months old, I put her in her first pair of overalls, a gift Jake's mom brought when she visited Sophia just born.

Her oldest brother immediately declared her a "campesinita", ready to go work in the campo (Bolivian countryside)!! Uhhh... Okay!

I was glad I discovered they fit just in time for her to use them! The outfit had appeared too big hanging in the closet.

But before you judge their likeness yourself, a few more pictures from our various sessions throughout the day.

This little set is when baby goes TIMBERRRR.....

Here she goes...


Brother lends a helping hand

Love this one - she was still laughing at our picture-making antics as she went down!

I had lots of helping hands from Sophia's fan club!

Can just hear her brothers saying, "Don't eat your hands, baby booboo!!"

Looking up at Daddy

The whole gang! 

A hand from Daddy

And a few more:


Hands are often in mouth these days

Sweet baby tootsies

"How much longer, Mommy?!"

And now, the best seven pictures of the day:

The closest match?!

Being feisty! :)

 Studying someone...

In retrospect, noticed that I didn't exactly cover the window behind Sophia, oops. Was too busy concentrating on her! :)

Looks so big here!

 Not exactly smiling, but she's looking up!

We love this baby!!

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