Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Outing to the Woods

Jake had two days off work this week (yay!) due to "Carnaval", so we escaped the noise and pollution of the city for a family trip to the woods in the mountains behind our house! It was also significantly cooler at such a high elevation. (I think Jake said we were approaching 12,000 ft above sea level.)

In Parque Tunari

The Cast of Characters:

Ol' Lucy
(Check out that awful great road!! It's way worse now at the end of rainy season - 10 minutes per kilometer, both going up and coming back down. Jake couldn't say enough wonderful things about it, which kept us all groaning smiling. This is also why lots of the pictures I made while in the car are blurry or not well-centered...) 



Three Sons

Baby Bear

 Our Lunch Site
(Here Jake is encouraging the kids to pick up trash from former visitors)
Exploring at km 10

Daddy taking a turn with baby after such a long screaming session Mommy wanted to throw herself from the car. :)

Yep, we did a bit of this...

...and some napping in the very secure car seat (first time installed in Dad's car)
Notice the blanket keeping her head better positioned, although I also kept my hand on her forehead over the bumpiest portions of the road.

The boys exploring the double waterfall at km 8
The next day as part of school, I asked the boys to write the story of our little excursion. Joel did a marvelous job and I share his writing here for anyone who reads Spanish:
 Hopefully this is legible to those who can read it. Love the details he included!

And the final page, complete with an illustration: "Gracias, Fin" (Thanks, the end)

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