Friday, March 14, 2014

Two Years Ago Today...

...Jake and I met! In person!

I was definitely aware that I was probably meeting my future husband.

Jake was definitely interested in finding out why God persisted in making sure he came to a city in the middle of Bolivia, in the middle of South America.

After an amazing week together of all the pieces falling into place after so many years of waiting (I was 29, Jake was 33),  of course I hung on Jake's every word, intrigued by any clues alluding to a future together. So as I excitedly studied his pictures from his March Bolivia trip, my breath caught to read the Facebook caption for this picture:

 March 14, 2012
 "Nos conocimos aqui por primera vez" (We met here for the first time)
Jake waiting here for me to pick him up after his arrival adventures.

I wondered: was our first meeting place as momentous to him as it was to me?! The caption - even in Spanish, a "secret language" to many of our friends - seemed to indicate so.
Ah, those first day memories...

Last year, we returned to "el avion" (the airplane) on our one year "meeting anniversary".

March 14, 2013
I'm holding the flowers Jake gave me the year before. 
Just seven months later, a one-day-old daughter would be in our arms!
And of course, if there would be a picture TODAY, on March 14, 2014... We'd have our hands full with four children, just two years to the day of meeting. Wow! Our cup is full.
And now I'm off to make my husband's favorite dinner, hamburgers.


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