Saturday, April 12, 2014

Little Baby on the Prairie...

My camera has had a couple periods this year of taking bad (dark) pictures. Two members of my family have asked if the boys have tans! Thanks to some advice from Jeff, a fellow missionary here in Cochabamba, Jake quickly fixed what was wrong!

I didn't waste any time and took pictures of this cutie when she awoke from her nap. I love her bonnets and love how she hugs her dolls and stuffed animals tight.

There are too many to upload to her six month post, so here's the series, some of my favorites ever!

 Sophia loves her baby doll from Nana Thompson!

Not to say it's always "loving" behavior, ha! 

I called her name to distract her from the attack :) 

And with her soft lamb, a gift from one of her grandmas...


And, a few bonnet-less, while we were at it:

Love those eyes!! 

We love this baby!!!


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