Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pinterest Fail :)

Now that the grandparents have received their little gifts from their grandchildren, I can tell the "behind the scenes" story! :)

Jake's dad sent us the above picture, with the hint that we should try to do it. I thought "How cute!", then, "What an easy keepsake!"

As a warm-up, I first had all the kids give me their handprint. That went well enough! Sophia's print was a little complicated to get, but this was back when she was barely 5 months old and definitely less active than now.

It took over a month later to realize that I had a volunteer heading back who could take these for us, and that I needed to actually do the requested handprint picture.

Jake did his the day before, to let it dry. Then me that night, then Sophia the next day.

Now remember, this was our goal:

After Jake did his handprint, which came out decidedly less "defined" than the above, he asked "Is this going to be like those pinterest fails?" I replied "Aw, of course not. It will be great!"

Famous last words!

Here's our BEST attempt:

...and with the caption

Joel helped me with different colors for Sophia's handprint, but to no avail.

Our last three attempts...

We cleaned up the baby's hands and clothes, and I washed out my jean jacket. And then I thought to myself, "Why waste all of that beautiful rosy paint?" I grabbed some good paper and painted Sophia's hands again.

Well, that also didn't go so well!! She's just so ACTIVE and grabby now!
At one point Joel was hollering "MOMMY!! SOPHIA!! LOOK AT SOPHIA!" I looked up at him and he was demonstrating how I was holding her neck while stretching out her arm for the handprint.(See retake, below.) OOPS!

So, yeah.... 

That's the end of my craft attempts for now. :)



  1. It looks like the handprint is "filled in" with paint after the first "stamp". Especially the babies... you can hardly see any finger print lines. That would make the hand stamp darker, especially the palm of the hand.

  2. Yeah, they did something!! You would be the crafty one who could pull this off. :)


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