Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Yellow Outfit

At some point, all three of my sisters and I wore this sweet smocked onesie:
Last week it was Sophia's turn! She has almost outgrown it so I got it on her just in time. I just hadn't been able to find a time when she was happy, rested, and hair clean - all during daylight hours when I have a moment!

She also pretty much HATES clothes changing time. Coming out of clothes is usually okay, but being dressed again is the pits, so this was the very first picture:

 I'm offended, Mom!

(Come on, don't you want to play doll?!)

My bright-eyed baby!

I love these on her dad's colorful baby quilt, one of my favorite things!

Here's our little sitter!!

Looking like she needs a nap here, but still so cute!!

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