Wednesday, May 21, 2014

When Daddy Naps the Baby...

In spite of the title, this isn't actually a funny post. Sleeping our baby is serious business around here, because in this house, if baby isn't happy - nobody's happy! ;-)
And when Daddy puts the baby to sleep, I find his touches.
Found a good spot for her hair clip!
Daddy always folds this blanket special
And a few more sweet naptime pictures I found while looking for the two above:
 Sweet sleeping (and unswaddled!) baby...
 Popped out of her swaddle blanket, a common sight
A normal naptime "look"... Wide awake!
 This was back in early April before the temps started to drop for winter.

 Slobber face!!
Jake recently told her, "You could water an orchard with that face!!" and I laughed out loud. :-)

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