Saturday, June 28, 2014

First of the birthday posts!

I have the first Beaty birthday of the year, kicking off our birthday season! Between May 24 and August 23, we celebrate 5 of our 6 birthdays. With all the busyness and travel, I can just now get caught up with 3 of those on the blog.

On the very day of my birthday I got special visitors from Tennessee!! My Mom arrived (already her second visit this year and third within 8 months) and sister Heather. This is just her second time in recent years, the last time being 18 months prior for my wedding.

Now she was meeting her first niece for the first time!!!

Sophia was underwhelmed at the sudden attention from strangers :)

Waiting in the car at the clinic (that's medical volunteer Elizabeth in the background)
(On the way to their hotel from the airport I had to swing by and check on Casa de Amor's "heart baby", operated on the day prior, during afternoon visiting hours.)
Putting our big truck to good use!

Back at the hotel, Mom couldn't wait to start dishing out the gifts and surprises!
(Yeah for the homeschooling book!!)

Looking a little guilty with her loot...
(Mommy says yeah again for new hairbows!)

Practicing the queen wave, her new trick!
After letting Mom and Heather get settled, and me dealing with a clogged duct back at home (felt very much a mommy on my first birthday as one), it was time to party!

At our favorite restaurant for special occasions, for the first time with the boys: Paprikas!

The party hats Heather brought lent a festive air and were a great hit!

Evening is not the best time of day for Sophia, but she stay happily entertained in Nana's arms

Back at the ranch apartment, the gift spree continued.

Hard to say who loves the singing picnic set more - Sophia or her brothers!

Tia Heather worked on a South American puzzle with her nephews
Another very popular (and useful) gift: pajamas for the boys! This is the only completely matching outfit they have. I think it's fun!

We had a big day the next day, Sunday.

A little picnic amongst the siblings before church

Jake and the boys making me a chocolate chip cake!

Success! Their first cake ever was super tasty.
In the afternoon, we had a Casa de Amor volunteer activity.

Team Beaty, off to the wally ball courts! (Minus our favorite baby who stayed back with Nana.)

We had a great few days with our visitors! Jake and I got some rare time alone and us girls went to a tea room one afternoon.

Sporting a new hair bow!

Heather and Sophia

Mom and Heather were pretty much in charge of bathing Sophia and washing all that fabulous hair. Mom sent me this picture once home. She's getting so big!!

Heather also helped me out in a big way by reorganizing the baby's shelf!

The next time we see each other, it should be in the US.... :-)

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