Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy 8 Months!!

Sophia is 8 months today!!

This last month has been an exciting one full of milestones. She has given kisses when asked and is on the verge of clapping - both taught to her by adoring big brother Michael!

Sophia weighed in at 16 pounds today (7.3 kilos). She's getting heavy!!

We also had a good time this past month with a visit from Nana and Aunt Heather! (Will get up that post eventually.)

Tia Heather, she wasn't  fan of this head bow... 


A new face she seems to make when her gums hurt?

When she's happy, she's a delight. But when she's teething or tired...which sometimes seems like all the time, since she still resists sleep like it's out!!!

Flushed cheeks when she was cutting her first tooth :(

She again has all of the signs of a month ago when her first tooth made it's appearance, so we're constantly checking for (and even dreaming about) her second. I'm a little nervous... I've just come off a rough 2 weeks of healing the first wound she inflicted on me! That's the closest I've come to wanting to wean. And the bite came less than a week after two clogged ducts in a row, including on my birthday (thanks to being at the hospital several hours waiting on CDA's heart baby to come out of surgery the day before, sans baby). It was a VERY VERY PAINFUL month, wow. I've used pain breathing techniques more in nursing than I ever did in a relatively short labor....
Our new mei-tai carrier! We both love it!

Speaking of carriers...

The baby was having a blast playing "horsey" with her brothers a few days ago!

Michael giving her a special up-do during bath time

"What are you doing, brother...?"

This was how the boys kept the baby (and themselves) busy one morning while I got ready for the day. They are so sweet with her!!

Michael had a horrible cough for a couple of weeks recently and it was torture for him to stay away from Sophia. It was hard for me and Sophia, too! So glad he is back in the game with us. :)

Reading a book from Nana with brother Joel (he had a challenge keeping her from ripping the pages, but he was patient!)

New warm pjs for a Cochabamba winter!

A gift from the Beaty Grandparents, already much enjoyed. She loves sucking on a piece of frozen banana!

Little snack on a crazy hair morning

One Saturday morning at the market, one of the flower vendors gave Sophia a bouquet of pansies.

Checking them out...



Sweet baby

And here I thought I didn't have many pictures of the past month!! I have to keep my camera always at the ready, and the next week will be no different. Tomorrow morning, we travel to La Paz and Copacabana/Lake Titicaca for a week! This will be the first time traveling by plane for any of our four kids, and for us with kids, so it should be memorable all around. :)

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  1. I think the headbands might have been almost too small to start with. I looked for multiple sizes, but didn't see any at Target. I'll keep looking! The red, white & blue flower one was sooo cute on her!


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