Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Next up was Jake's birthday, just 10 days after mine! Jake went to work in the morning, but we had some special fun in the afternoon and evening. (Thanks a ton to Tee Ross for babysitting a couple of hours!!)

Thanks to my family's visit the week prior, I had a few little gifts from the US.

Mainly, there were gifts from Maine with the lovely fragrance - Jake's favorite - of balsam fir. A pillow, incense sticks, candle, oil...

Jake lighting the incense of the little cabin - so cool to watch the smoke curl out of the roof!
Another little gift was a shirt for/from Sophia that announces:
"The handsome guy at my side is my father" 

She loves her daddy!!
The cake was a Samoa Cheesecake (like the flavor of the girl scout cookies). Jake chose the recipe out of a list of 20 cheesecakes, and it just so happened that there were several tasks the boys could help with, such as crushing different types of cookies and beating the batter. We had a happy time that morning in the kitchen!

Lighting all the candles, which turned out more to be like spitting sparklers!!
It's a wonder we even made it to the table without dropping it, as we got stinging sparks from the candles, ha!


Happy Birthday!!!
Most of the pictures from this evening are blurry, due to my little (and very excited) photographers, but a few did turn out clearly. :)


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