Saturday, September 5, 2015

July Birthday - Joel!

Our oldest son Joel's birthday was July 16!

We had a couple of days of fun celebrating his TWELFTH birthday, eek!!

Favorite Breakfast: cinnamon toast (Pioneer Woman's recipe) and scrambled eggs

I had told myself I'd do easier cakes this year for our birthday season, with two babies underfoot, but I couldn't resist trying my hand at a soccer cake for our best soccer player! I found a design online and Jake traced it onto the cake for me after the kids went to bed the night before. Lots of fun!

It was a joint effort in other ways, too, ha!

And a cute video of Sophia, who sure loves her chocolate!!

Opening his first gift of the day

Cake time with Dad in the afternoon!

 Sophia really loves the idea of birthdays now - cake, candles - so brother let her in close!

 She had waited all day for cake and devoured her piece!

Nice big brother, helping out sister

And THEN, our plan was to go to the huge slide park (the slides, not the park), but the boys started playing with the gifts, and I had to make Joel's special request dinner, so we postponed that till the next afternoon.

The four kiddos coming down one of the two slides!

They have wanted to go back for months, so it was fun to finally make it!

 Jake coming down with Sophia (she LOVED it - her squeals were great and she did NOT want to leave!)

And, as a bonus, we have yet another video, of Jake taking Sophia down the BIG slide after some debate if it would be safe enough. Too much fun not to share! :)

(Uh... Having technical difficulties uploading. Will try again tomorrow!)

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