Friday, September 11, 2015

Beaty Family Adventures: Part III

Jake has always loved the bright, colorful aguayo cloth of Bolivia.

What's Jake doing, you ask? Read on...

One day, he took an aguayo blanket and his favorite hoodie sweatshirt to a seamstress in the Cancha (Cochabamba's huge outdoor market) and said: make this!

She did....

Jake and Sophia modeling new jackets

...and this is what he got!

 Daddy chilling with baby Lydia

He had some more made for the family:

Mom wearing Lydia in the Moby Wrap

Peek-a-boo! :)


...and Michael!

(Some of Dad's biggest aguayo hoodie fans!!)

So what was Jake doing...?

Making notes of all the colors he'll offer at Tunari Apparel, of course!

Now there's an awesome new website which explains the details.

Check it out! Look up Tunari Apparel!

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