Saturday, September 5, 2015

Miss Traviesa

I'm sure I have lots more pictures, but I'll just go ahead and put these up as I prepare a new "everything Sophia" post! She's already changed a lot since these. I was preparing this post a week before Lydia was born and it never got it finished.

Sophia's middle name around here is "travieso", which is Spanish for naughty or mischievous...

Oh how she loves marking up things, even herself!!

Somehow everything she eats ends up on the floor at some point. She could keep a full time crew busy behind her!!

Sophia LOVES loves loves loves DIRT!! Almost as much as water! And when she mixes the two, well...then she gets one of her favorite things - a bath!

Give her a container and a spoon or cup, and she's happy in the dirt or water for an hour...

Playing with a bug her brothers brought her!

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