Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby Sophia!!

Presenting the photo shoot pictures of our beautiful baby Sophia!!! She was 10 days "old" here.

It was hard to choose my favorites for the blog, but here are the Top 20. :)

LOVE these!!

Elena did such a great job setting up our living room for the photo shoot!

Love the coloring of this one!

Tooo cute, says her daddy!

Looks like she's playing peek-a-boo

So sweet!

This was her daddy's quilt when he was little

Our Bolivian baby!

Baby toes

Love these, with my wedding veil

I love how Elena caught so many of her different expressions.

Princess Sophia

My sister Emma will especially appreciate these. There's another Baby Bear in the family!!

Elena crocheted the hat and paws the night before!

First smile caught on camera!
This bead necklace from Africa was a gift to me from repeat CDA volunteer Savannah. Doesn't she look international?!

You might recognize the necklace, Jake's Christmas gift to me, from the maternity photo session.

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  1. Love them all! Love the one with the beads from Africa a lot! I also love the 2nd one from the top because her eyes are so beautiful!


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