Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy One Month!

Our baby has been with us one month today!! In some ways it seems like forever, but on the other hand it seems amazing we've already reached this mark.

She loves hanging out in the sling Linda Baker made for us.

She also likes the baby seat volunteer Kaley brought us.

She's still tiny but sometimes I worry her lusty screams will bring the apartment neighbors to our door!! I was shocked today when our next door neighbor acted surprised that she was already born, as she said she never hears her. "She looks so tranquila, does she never cry?!" she asked, and I thought "REALLY??" (Grateful for neighbors who must be nearly deaf...?!) 

Baby Houdini - she often works her cute little hands out of the swaddling blanket!
We've now been on a consistent daytime schedule for 2 1/2 weeks. Or at least I have been. :) I'd been told this would lead to her quite naturally falling into a good schedule at night, which made sense. WELL........ Not so much with us. Or not yet anyway. I'm sure she'll be a very organized and punctual person when she grows up (and/or a genius, according to my mom) and not believe me, but right now she demonstrates an astonishing amount of resistance to any sort of routine in our day or night!! 
Once I began, I realized how desperately I wanted a schedule to go by as I've started to need to run errands again, make dinner, and tend to pressing Casa de Amor matters. Not to mention imagining the three boys with us soon and all of their activities - most likely in the next couple of weeks!!
So I've persevered with the schedule - namely, nursing at regular three hour intervals throughout the day and whenever she's hungry at night (times vary wildly) - even though she's often sound asleep at feeding time because it's taken her 1-2 hours to settle down and fall back asleep after the last feeding! I'll struggle to nurse her for 30, 45 minutes, finally lay her down hoping that she got enough, and then 5 or 10 minutes later she comes fully awake and starts crying and rooting around for food! What now?!
Except for the times when she wakes up screaming one hour early.
And every day the times when she does either of these is totally different.

At night, she has slept for 6 or 7 hours at a stretch maybe 4 times now? But there are also nights where she wants to eat every two hours!!
I know it will get better. She's definitely gotten better at being both awake AND happy since the first weeks!
It's a good thing she's so cute. :)
Oh, and that her daddy tells me I'm a good mother. Those words are balm to my soul as baby and I continue this process of getting to know one other. :)
Wake up, Sleeping Beauty, it's time for chow!


  1. ah! that would be a struggle to try to get her to eat when she is tired :( keep at it though...I know people who had a baby sleeping pretty long at night by 6-8 weeks old!

    she is BEAUTIFUL and YOU are a GREAT mother - to Sophia - and to all the CDA kids.

    miss you friend! hang in there I'm sure the schedule will come!

  2. She is so beautiful! I love seeing all the pics and reading everything.

    I am all for having my kids on a schedule, and we have since they were little, but don't worry, it doesn't happen right away. In my experience, the first 3 months or more are just what baby needs, not scheduled. Soon enough though, she will be more predictable and on a good schedule. Hang in there. My tiny babies are all growing up so quickly (it kind of makes me sick)- so enjoy her while she's tiny....they're precious days. Much love to you guys!


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