Saturday, November 9, 2013

More fun with Daddy!!

Some recent daddy funnies:
  • Since her very first days, when she's really worked up and screaming, Jake calls her the "White Squall". The white squall that takes down sailors, and their ships, he says...!!
  • In fact, Jake has given Sophia quite a few nicknames beginning with "S". There's scoundrel, scallywag, silly, stinky... 
  • Sophia loves being wrapped up tight in special swaddling blankets. As it looks quite like a straight jacket, Jake has told her she would do great in a mental facility. "You're the smallest mental patient I know, baby!" he coos to her as he wraps her up.
  • Jake will regularly say "You're the loudest baby I've ever known", or "the most confusing", or whatever the case may be. Pretty funny seeing as it's the FIRST baby he's known. Pretty funny that I can often say the same, and she's most definitely NOT the first baby I've known!!
  • While Jake and I were simultaneously filling out baby's paperwork for the US Consulate, Jake came to the blank "Occupation". He suggested putting "Sucker"...
  • When she spits a little milk or dirty diaper - even a wet one - Jake calls her a "NAAASTY baby". You'd just have to hear the way he says nasty. :)
  • More than once getting her to sleep he tells this story in a soft singsong voice, "You're a little baby in a little rowboat, floating in the middle of the water...just go to sleep...drifting quietly and slowly...and here comes a waterfall!!" and so on it goes. I tell him that's a terrifying image, and he counters with "Well it's no worse than 'rock-a-bye-baby'!!" He has a point there.
  • When screaming for milk an hour early, "Now baby, I want you to get some perspective. Keep your eyes on Jesus, okay? That's what you need to do." And another day: "Baby, life is good for you right now! You don't even know how good you have it. You need an attitude adjustment!"
If any of this doesn't make sense, maybe you just had to be there!! It's all said with the utmost love and kindness, even the "nasty baby" line. :)
And a few pictures of what Jake and baby have been up to... 

Papa Kangaroo!!

Jake's mom bought him this green aguayo and the girls at Casa de Amor III taught him how to use it.
I loved their help in the kitchen :) 

Daddy's little helper!!

(We love the baby seat from Tia Kaley!!)

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