Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First Dresses

Our Sunday weigh in at 6 weeks showed that Sophia now weighs 8 pounds, 2 ounces (3.7 kilos)!! Since newborn size diapers are starting to be snug, I tried some of her "next size up" clothes and these two dresses fit, yeah!

The first little dress she wore, on November 23:

 Her hair is CRAZY CRAZY here. This is thanks to how her dad "fixed it" after her last bath!!

 (Remember whose daughter she is?!)  

And yesterday, November 25, wearing her second new dress! At first I wasn't sure I liked the bright colors, but by the end of the day I decided it was a favorite.
(Truth be told, I've actually loved how she looks in ANY color she's worn: white, pink, pale yellow, peach, light blue, purple...)

Spunky Sophia!!

 Lest you have the impression that she's always a peaceful little angel...
Love the hair bow!!

(Note: Her dad says her hair looks weird here. We were heading out the door right then and it was still wet from a wash.)


And speaking of light blue clothes, I couldn't resist buying this for her last week when we just happened to pass by a baby store downtown.
I suppose that eventually I'll stop taking a picture of her EVERY time she wears a new outfit! :)

She's starting to smile more and more!!

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  1. Yay for more pictures!!! She's so pretty! I love the new outfits and I think it is great that you take pictures each time! And it is even better when you share this with friends far away!


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