Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Happy Anniversary!!

Jake had several different scenarios in mind for our first anniversary, depending on how many children we had by November 30! The one that happened was heading back to the same hotel we stayed in after our wedding. It was really crazy to be there just one year later with our baby!!!

Check-out pictures:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday, December 2, 2012

We like this hotel a lot and have sweet memories there. This time we did a lot of sleeping when the baby did, reading, just lying around and talking, and playing with Sophia. She LOVED that!! She was so happy the whole weekend. Something we did this year that we didn't do last year was enjoy the pool, and the warmer than usual water. I wasn't sure how that would go with a baby, but she was perfect! She slept peacefully in her baby chair poolside while Jake and I swam nearby!

The view of the gardens outside our room. The pool is surrounded by heavy foliage, too.

I love the huge beds!

Can you spot the tiny baby?

Unfortunately, Jake got food poisoning or something that didn't sit right with him, probably at the Iranian food place we walked to the night of our anniversary. He was a good sport though and didn't complain. We were still able to stay in the hotel until the end of Pedestrian Day at 6pm and then drive the short distance home.
 Daddy taking precautions with "Mount Sophia" in case she spews after a feeding!
The day we got back, December 1, Sophia turned SEVEN weeks!!

My little gift to Jake was finally putting pictures in two frames we got as wedding gifts last year!
Top frame: us and our children!
Bottom frame: four special moments in our lives - engagement, mountain wedding, ocean wedding, and first baby!
I love you more than ever, dear!!! :)

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  1. love it all! I really like your gift to him! can't wait for the posts where you say the boys are coming home!


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