Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving :)

We had a very nice first Thanksgiving married...and with a baby!
I like these first good pictures of our current family!

In the morning, baby Sophia slept in so we did, too. Then we took turns caring for her and cooking in the kitchen. I took mashed potatoes, gravy, "Overnight Italian Salad", plus canned cranberry sauce!
Before getting to the Booher family home for Thanksgiving Dinner, we stopped by Casa de Amor III to meet our newest addition! So far the staff has been only positive about C. - her quick adaptation to the hogar, her behavior, and her level of responsibility.
C. ran right up to us, introducing herself as "la nueva" (the new one), then took over care for Sophia. She was really good with her, proven by Sophia's happiness in being held. I was surprised when C. declared that Sophia looks just like her dad but has my eyes! (True as far as I can tell.) 

 Her daddy dressed her - didn't he do a great job?! Love the little "shoe socks"!

The girls are getting so big! I had fun asking 10 year old J questions about the camp they had just gotten back from and hearing her detailed answers.

Looks like daddy's dancing here!

The neat part of Thanksgiving at Casa de Amor is doing it potluck style, and thus having quite the banquet! EVERY dish was so good this year, everyone did a great job even with limited "US" ingredients.

One of the best parts of the day was eating outside in the perfect temperature! The bugs were happy with it too, though, ha!

There were three other small CDA babies present besides Sophia. Here Rudi Booher and Jake are chatting while holding their baby girls.

 At one point, Jake "shelved" the baby...
Don't worry! She was only there as long as it took to take the picture :)

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