Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Christmas Day

A few pictures from our family's Christmas Day!
Sophia with her sweet baby doll, from Grandma & Grandpa Thompson (so weird to call them that!)

We all opened our gifts one by one 

Jake trying out his new eye mask...

What creativity! Jake made this origami box for the beautiful pearl drop earrings he gave me.

 The living room after the gift opening!! (I think Jake is trimming the baby's nails.)
Christmas Dinner on the stove! (I could've gotten a more flattering picture of the chicken, ha! Was busy with my pots I guess.) 

 Dinner Time

 Caught kissing! ;)


  1. This will likely be your last year with only one chicken!

  2. Jennifer you look stunning in that last picture! Kissing looks good on you ;)


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