Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beaty Family Adventures: Part II!

Those who know Jake know that he LOVES travel.

Those who know me know that I used to travel a lot before the work in Bolivia sucked me in.

And now children!

But my husband's heart for adventure still beats strong, and living so near amazing sites in South America has always made him long for a big trip.

Always happiest out in the country, in whichever country
(Picture from April 2014)

We're squeezing that in now before our big move to the north!

Both of us have wanted to see Iguazu Falls and originally, the falls were the destination. But Jake has also had a hankering to get to Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of the continent. He petitioned for that trip first, but when he saw the look on my face.... He revised. And then revised again.

And now what we have is a 5 country road trip, a 4500 mile (7240 km) circumvent, with an estimated 102 hours of actual driving time.

It's still going to be the road trip to beat all road trips!!

I'm sure Jake will plan something crazy wonderful for us like this again, but most likely in the tame United States of America, not developing countries with markedly different cultures.

Another little run-down:

Paraguay (obtaining visa from them in person in Santa Cruz this week)
Brazil (visas in process)
....then back through Argentina (via Buenos Aires) and Bolivia!

Jake is excited about picking up four new countries on this trip. It's the same for our children. I'll get two new myself.

The cool thing about the visa process (and fees!) is that our five children are Bolivian, with Bolivian ID cards and passports, so they enter for FREE. Just Jake and I are running around getting our visas in line.

He's also been busy preparing routes, maps, his GPS, and getting our big trusty car ready with various features, like...

 Curtains! Hopefully making baby nap-times NOT a thing of the past!!

One of the boys took this picture of Sophia, probably to show off her chocolate face!

I've been busy preparing car games and books for the kids, and nourishing snacks for all of us. AND.... There are 13 different hotels to book. Well, make that 11-12, depending on how many times we camp from our car/tent!

Another last little run-down for you...

We'll have kids ages
12th birthday (on trip!)
22 months (a few days into trip)
4 months (a week into trip)

As absolutely wild as this trip is, please don't call me crazy! I'm following my husband and enjoying seeing him so happy!

Besides. He promises it will be a grand adventure that we'll really enjoy...even if that means enjoying the memories many many years later. ;-)

A mere 8—9 days after getting back, we’ll be all packed up (hopefully!!) and leaving Bolivia for Tennessee. Prayers for sanity and happy children appreciated!!!!!

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