Friday, July 10, 2015

Beaty Birthday Season

Finally, I have a chance to post pictures from all of the birthdays we have celebrated recently!

Our birthday season now begins in April with Lydia. Then comes mine in May, Jake and Samuel in June (the next post), Joel in July, Michael in August, skip September (although that's my mom and father-in-law's month), finishing with Sophia in October!

My birthday was a beautiful-as-usual day in Cochabamba. First, Jake made us French Toast and had set out a bunch of cards and gifts from friends and family at my place to welcome me.

Then, as it was Sunday, we went to church. All seven of us dressed in something with stripes, copying the girls who matched for the first time (of many?!)!

Sophia is a willing "holder" of Lydia, just not quite there yet... :)

The coolest necklace EVER, from Katrina in New Zealand!!!

For the afternoon, I asked to be taken to the lake outside of town to enjoy my family and a meal.

On the drive out to the lake

(Not the first time! In 2008, when my parents and sister Emma were still living in Coch, we went to Lago Angostura on my birthday. How about some pictures of my future sons?!)

Little Joel (then Luis Jesus) standing in front of volunteer Andrew (from WA, very near where my future husband lived)

Michael (then Angel) coming down the zip line! 

Sooo cute and little!

Eating lunch overlooking the lake with our whole crew (my family and the older CDA kids, staff and volunteers)

Annddd, back to 2015...

The kiddos! Luckily we got a picture minutes before #5 had a blow-out

Sophia loved all the water!! ...and the geese

Good extra clothes in the diaper bag for Mom's birthday, ha!

Samuel was the driver of Mom and babies

Sophia decided that my ice cream sandwich was worth swiping :)


The boys took a picture of mama with the baby

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