Thursday, July 16, 2015

June Birthdays!

Yeah, you read that right: June! Soon I'll get up the two posts pertinent to today: Joel's birthday and Lydia's 3 months!

June is a double birthday month for us, doubled again by the visit of cousins (alll the way from Washington state) for half of the month!

First was Jake's birthday!

Dinner on the balcony

We were all very glad that he wanted German Chocolate Cake. WOW. I found the most amazing chocolate fudge icing online and that was my favorite part of the cake. Taaaasty!!!

My two chocolate lovers taste-testing the icing

Jake and Joel

(Sophia was bundled in her blanket to keep it from dragging on the ground and getting so dirty, but it was beginning to get cool at night!)

The girls being not quite "Daddy's sunshine" as their new pjs proclaim, ha!

One of my favorite pics of the sisters so far

Nine days later, we had Samuel's 11th birthday!

Jake and I were relieved that this year's "birthday attitude" was vastly improved. (Adjusted expections, perhaps? Having a family is cool, but not Disneyland, Christmas, movie marathon, sleep-over, and all-you-can-eat-junk-food-day all-in-one! Oh, and we still do school the entire week before. Ah-hem.)

He wasted no time in putting together his new lego house!

Lunch at Panchitas Chicken
(Plan B, as the cool place we had planned on for weeks was closed for annual maintenance, bummer)

 Happy little girl at the birthday party!

Singing to Samuel

Happy, much? 

The boys watch Sophia eat goldfish crackers almost daily while we work on school, and now it's becoming a tradition to get each boy his own bag on his birthday to eat all by himself!


The day after Samuel's birthday was cousin Keaton's 4th birthday!

Cousins Sophia and Keaton chowing down

I was holding Lydia all evening and didn't get many pictures. He was a bit astonished at all the fanfare when Globo's staff came to sing to him, though!! Everyone enjoyed the ice cream afterwards.

Less than two weeks later, we had cousin Preston's 9th birthday!!

Lovely day for a birthday at Parque Bicentenario, just a few minutes from our house!

He said he likes chocolate and strawberries...
(The cake shifted a bit in transit!!)

Getting so big!

Playing after the cake and gifts

And as an aside...

How about our soccer team?!

Love it!!

We had so much fun with our visitors and were sad to see them go!

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