Sunday, July 19, 2015

Three Months!!

Time is really flying with #5!!

Happy 3 Months, July 16!

We were busy with big brother's birthday on the 16th, thus the lateness posting.

There are quite a few pictures! And here I was worried that I haven't been taking as many, but I have some from almost every day!!

Our little baby is still growing like a weed!! I haven't had her at the Baby Home recently to weigh her, but my estimate from our adult scale is at least 15 pounds. That would keep her steadily on the 97 percentile curve! Her height is also in the 97 percentile and head circumference is 80. So great!

I am still amazed that I do nothing special for my milk supply, something I worked so hard on with Sophia and still struggled with. If anything, my issue this time has been OVER supply! After having a week of uncomfortable days in a row, almost two weeks ago now I switched her to 6 feeds a day instead of 7-8, and things have been going much better! Around 2 months, she started to spit up quit a bit on some days. Somehow now feeding her less times/day has decreased that issue.

Showing off those chubby thighs! 

This incredibly soft blanket was a thoughtful gift from the Booher family, brought down from the US.

Her face is finally clearing up from all her baby acne!!

Wearing my favorite dress of Sophia when she was little

...Only happened once, though!

Keeping up with her clothes has become a part time job!! She probably could have gone in 0-3 month size from birth. It seemed I was packing up the NB size all too soon, very bittersweet. (How is it that I cannot WAIT for her to be as grown-up and cute and chatty as Sophia, and yet be so sad for her to grow?!)

Daddy says the elephant dress is appropriate...
(The shirt that went with it wouldn't fit over her head so she never wore it!)

By the time I pulled out the 0-3 month clothes, she was almost out of them, too. I quickly got out the 3 month...then only days later, the 3-6 month size... All of this before she was even 3 months! I was flabbergasted! Now she is in 6 month clothes and the pants are too tight and short. I need to unpack Sophia's 6-9 month size clothes!! I remember getting bored with Sophia's clothes, because she wore exactly the size for her age, but this baby can barely wear stuff once or twice before she's busting the buttons, ha.

Our chubby chubby baby, hard at her favorite thing - sleep! :)

Left diaper is Lydia's (name brand, large), right diaper is Sophia's (off-brand, XL). Is there a difference?!

After comparing the girls' diapers one day, I just had to take a picture. Then the boys and I did an experiment and realized that they can share! Crazy! In fact, Sophia ran out of diapers today, and she has been using Lydia's.

Already playing with the brothers (they call her a "campesinita" in this hat, and this is countryside type slingshot)

Learning her "ABCs" already! (The "brother-teacher" was camera-shy)

I keep stuffing her in this 3 month outfit because it's great for a Bolivian winter!


July 1 - Lydia beat daddy at the Beaty game of "rabbit"! ;-)

Happy July 4th (on the 5th)!

Off to church!

Our five firecrackers, oh boy!

When Sophia is asked "who is this?" she now replies "SISTER!"

Big sis - stealing the show as usual!

First intro to SNOW up in the Andean mountains!
Sophia was not impressed; Lydia slept most of our visit.

Keeping warm on cold mornings!

Wearing our Bolivian socks

It's so fun when she's sociable!

A few days ago, Michael commented that she doesn't seem to talk as much as Sophia did as a baby. I told him that several nights in a row, she got VERY verbal about 10 or 11pm, cooing and singing to me. He immediately exclaimed in all seriousness, "Just like a HAMSTER! Lydia is like a hamster, because she only talks at NIGHT!" Oh my, I about died laughing. 

I was going to say "pretty in purple", but I don't think Jake would appreciate that....

 Trying to pose the sisters, but Sophia is MUCH too busy for such boredom...

She has discovered her hands and likes them very much. Today coming back from church, the brothers announced, "Lydia is eating herself STARTING WITH HER HANDS!! AHHH!!"

Best smile caught on camera yet!

Hard to believe that this was her last month "birthday" in Bolivia. Next month we'll be passing through in Brazil, and when she turns five months, we should be in the states! Jake is so excited that she is about to start living up to her name meaning - "traveler". :)

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