Thursday, March 12, 2015

At the Park

Last week, I wanted to take the kids to our nearest big park for a picnic lunch on the one free day I had, but it rained that entire day. This week, my one free day is sunny and a blockade day, so we went!

Daddy got away from work for a minute

Sophia is a true fan of parks now. It was actually so bright and sunny, I was snapping pictures without really seeing, but you can see that of the pictures that turned out, she always has a big smile!

 Jumping with Joel 
They did this till he wore out :)

Her bonnet flap is turned up because it's gotten bent wrong and almost covers her eyes! Time to find a new one at market.

 She really liked the cool (as in not burning hot) tunnel

And the best picture of the day! My camera actually cooperated quickly. :)

 Sliding again and again with Michael!

There was a bit of a fit when it was time to go home, but after a bath she was all too willing to nap, ahh...

Hopefully now that I'm trimming back what's been a crazy weekly schedule, we'll have some more park days before the next baby shows!

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