Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Baby

One week after St. Patrick's Day last year, I was asked by social services if we (Casa de Amor) could honor the special request of a street girl, a friend of mine. She had just given birth to her 5th child even though she is very young. The teen father, another long time street friend, was (and still is) in jail. They wanted their newborn, already being taken away, to come to Casa de Amor's Baby Home.

I went to social services and took him from the arms of his sobbing mother. When we finished with everything there, it was after noon, so I took him home with me first. After my family had eaten lunch and I had nursed both babies, we took him to the Baby Home.

Little G turned one yesterday! See pictures of the festivities here, in a birthday post by Casa de Amor volunteer Hannah.

He has hardly changed at all - just in size!

I never got around to posting this video last year, but St. Patrick's Day (and preparing to have two babies in our house) reminded me of it!

Jake was just groaning and I wanted to laugh! :)

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