Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy 8 Months!

Today we're to 8 months!! Time has really started to fly!

Even though I weigh 3 pounds less than with Sophia at this stage, I'm about as big as I was right before she was born. For the whole pregnancy, I seem to look about month ahead (comparing this time to last time). That's alright and normal, I've heard. I just hope it doesn't change to two months the next time, ha!

Quite unexpectedly, I never got a 9 month belly picture with Sophia. The picture I got was with her on the outside. :)

October 19, 2013

This week's ultrasound also makes the big day seem really close! Baby weighs approximately 5 1/2 pounds (2.5 kilos), a size I'm very familiar with because I'd say about half of our newborns at Casa de Amor arrive this size! She's measuring 10 days ahead, which would mean an April 3 due date. A similarly timed ultrasound with Sophia showed her measuring 9 days ahead, and even though everyone said to not put much stock in it, she was born 14 days before her due date (4 days adjusted already + 9 more days).

I do hope this one waits until April 6, at least! Our midwife from New Zealand gets back on April 2, and our second medical person (a friend and CDA volunteer now in med school) arrives on April 5.

The biggest relief at the ultrasound was learning that the baby is head down and in the ideal position for this last stage of pregnancy. Last month, I asked my doctor how baby was positioned because it felt so different from last time. She cheerily replied that she was...sitting! Some quick research showed me it was too late for that sort of messing around, so I got to work with special exercises and stretches and other ideas to make baby flip, and I'm so grateful that she cooperated! Now to just stay that way. :)

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