Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting ready for #2/5!

Slowly but surely, we're getting ready for the arrival of the 5th child to our family!

Jake says I'm ready for the baby to come (as in, be done with pregnancy aches and pains) and yet not (eek! 2 babies), and that it sounds very much like being female. Very funny...

After my last doctor's appointment the day before Valentine's, I went on a little shopping excursion in the market. It was quite the unusual combination - lots of stuff to buy, money to buy it with, and alone! Jake was just glad he didn't have to come check out everything twice with me. He's a man with a purpose when shopping, whereas I want to weigh all of my options. :)

The best find was the perfect place for our new baby to sleep!

This cute little "crib" met all of my qualifications:
~ Cost around $100 (we got Sophia's crib made for 200)...cribs, especially US brands, are pricey here, probably because so few people use them
~ Small enough for our little bedroom and yet big enough for a sitting baby to use (I don't think busy-body Sophia will be leaving her crib anytime soon!)
~ Pleasant colors! I really like the neutrals better than all-out pink and girl colors. 

So pretty!! Even matches the walls of the guestroom, it's current home.

I thought it was pretty great that the boys put it all together using the instructions, their heads, and some good ol' trial and error. Jake was busy with a long work phone call and we didn't want to wait. :) (Note: they are wearing their swimming trunks.)

 Sophia took immediate ownership of the cute little teddy bears, which would explain why one is currently missing... Here she is kissing them.

Someone put Sophia inside for a little trial run, and while I thought she would protest at being caged, she actually thought it was lots of fun to play inside while the boys continued the assembly! She threw a huge fit when we took her out to adjust it to "stage one", for a newborn.

My crib helpers in 2015...

And my young handsome crib assembler in 2013...

I also found a stroller for Sophia, one of the cheapest I've ever seen here but still decent. It's the first she's had in Bolivia and she really likes her "vroom vroom"! It's certainly a back saver for me and the boys when we're not with Jake, and the boys love taking turns pushing her. When I'm carrying the new baby in a sling or carrier, this will be a good option for Big Sister.

She was so excited to have the pretty flower on our walk to the vet

On other fronts, I still have quite the list. Last time I was so busy with work and adoption paperwork, it was challenging to find time to get ready, and I actually didn't even get to that point since Sophia was born the day before my maternity leave was supposed to begin. Now I'm in a very different phase of life that brings it's own challenges. I've had constant Casa de Amor meetings, errands, and paperwork, homeschooling and therapy and doctor/orthodontist appointments for the boys, and of course keeping up with Sophia. Right when I think I should have some free time, it's often time to begin dinner. The once kids are in bed, what used to be a prime time for computer work, I'm often too tired to get much done.

Trying to be organized helps!

Bins ready to go!

Top to bottom: birth supplies, postpartum and nursing supplies/supplements, newborn clothes

I need to print certain papers with notes for the birth bin and then it will be more complete, such as lists for the kids and who is willing to watch them if we need that, and a hospital packing list and birth plans in English and Spanish if for some reason we have to go to the hospital. Last time there wasn't time to finish preparing the birth plans, but we didn't need it anyway!

I'm working on easy menus of meals and shopping lists so that my hungry men won't waste away while I'm out of commission. It shall be interesting, as cooking lessons in the kitchen with the boys have been, ah-hem... Messy and hair-raising!! I'm aiming to freeze one meal a week, which is about all our freezer can hold, but I figure that anything is better than nothing!

In a week or two I need to gather up home birth supplies from around town. Another urgent item is the Anti-D shot since I have a negative blood type and it's highly unlikely that I'll ever have a negative blood type baby. I've been trying to get it for a month, and can usually track it down at one of the three best pharmacies/chains in town, then right when we have the money for it (cost has tripled since Sophia, not sure why), it's all sold out! Right now NONE of the three has it in stock, which is concerning, because I'll need it no matter what within 72 hours after birth. The next time I find it I'll have to immediately run out and buy it to store in the fridge.

But it's all coming along and one must stay flexible where babies are involved!! :)

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