Saturday, March 14, 2015

El Avion!

Today Michael, our son who never hesitates to say what he's thinking, told Jake, "You and Mom sure have a lot of anniversaries!!" To which Jake replied, "Boy, if only you knew. It's not easy to keep up with all of them!"

Three long and yet short years ago TODAY Jake and I met in person at the "avion" (airplane) in the south of town! I had become much more familiar with this rough part of town in recent years since it was near street kid hang-outs and a police station, and thought it interesting that I was probably meeting my future husband right HERE...

(See Part II of our love story.)   

Today after our Saturday morning market trip, Jake grabbed the tripod and we headed south to get a family picture at our spot. 

The whole crew!! Or, at least for the next month before a new face joins the crowd.

And a close-up...

(These are the first family pictures where Sophia is standing!!)

On our first "meeting anniversary", we also got a picture at the plane. It seems like we were so much younger then, in our brief childless days, although we had just found out exactly one month before that a baby was on the way!

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