Friday, March 6, 2015

Sophia & Books

For the past few weeks, Sophia has really taken off in "reading"! She has LOVED the activity for a long time, but now at multiple points during the day she will cozy up with a book all by herself. She has her favorite spot in the living room, on the couch, and can entertain herself for at least a half hour at a time with a couple of books. She can usually climb up alone but waits for someone to answer her yells to get down. :) (One day she chanted, ever more urgently, "mama!" until I appeared.)

She jabbers away to herself as she points at the pictures and goes through a book again and again. If there are words she can sign or say or that call for an animal sound, she does that, too.

Pretty excited! Book is in mid-flight. (We're still teaching her about book care, ha!)

Of course, she still loves the interaction of reading with us, and will sometimes bring a favorite and plop it in our laps. All that is missing is for her to order "START READING!!"

Not a "book" she is "reading", but these pictures from Jake's camera were neat.

When we go get her up from naps, her first words are often "book, book, book!" as she signals to her bookshelf and wants to get going. Her brothers marvel at how books could be so wonderful since they think they are about the most boring thing ever. This is where Sophia is already a good influence on them. :)

This huge (for her) "World of Animals" book is one of her favorites

I haven't observed such a young child reading so much on her own and developing such a long attention span. Jake says this is the kind of child two book worms produce, ha! I knew several words by sight by age 2, according to my mom, and I expect at least as much from Sophia. The issue will not be her level of reading, but keeping her from reading something she shouldn't while too young! I also predict that she will have her dad's super long reading attention span.

She also LOVES scribbling and will work on these giant sheets of paper for a long time, especially if her brothers are coloring, too. She is pretty good about keeping to paper, but there has been some wall-marking and this, the very day after I got it....

When the boys are all writing in their notebooks during school time, or using their A Beka English books with pictures she finds really fascinating (lots of FISH!), she loves "writing" alongside them. She studies them and tries to copy their exact position....except that she appears to be a leftie!!

She is going to be such a good little student!!

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